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Token price will automatically be set to zero if our Ethereum addresses are whitelisted. - SSK is a community for innovating connections between blockchain technologies and the world of fashion. We will collectively support and promote other kindred NFT projects on fashion.

We can join this community by simply minting a NFT. There are a total of 7,777 unique NFTs depicting original swimwear designs. Every wallet can own no more than 5 tokens at a time.

We get an exclusive portal, only available to holders of tokens, where they can discuss projects, share ideas and find new ways to have lots of fun. Using this portal we can also collectively decide the future of our community.

Traits is a collection of original hand-drawn artwork. Every token is generated using over 200 traits across more than a dozen categories. The permutation of this many traits across their categories make for 7,777 unique permutations.

Amongst the 7,777 NFTs are 9 unique swimwear designs for us to hunt down.


We get access to the community portal the moment we mint a token. We will enjoy the rest of the benefits as the community grows.

Appreciating that this is a bear market, we are looking forward to a slow mint. So, we will be basing our roadmap on revenue rather than the sell-through rate.

Post-mint phase

For every Ξ3000 of secondary sales volume mark reached, Ξ50 will go into the liquidity pool.
For every Ξ6000 of secondary sales volume mark reached, Ξ150 will be spent on holding an event. The type of event and its location will be decided by the community.
Launch MVP of the Protoskin Fashion Design Tool within 3 months of minting all 7,777 SSK tokens. Only holders will have access to this MVP.
Launch the Protoskin Fashion Design System within the 12 months after launching the MVP. Holders will have full access to this cloud system, whilst the rest will need to pay a membership fee.
We can mint directly on this website by following this link. We currently support only Metamask wallets.
We can mint up to 5 NFTs in a single transaction. Each holder can only own up to 5 NFTs per wallet.
By minting an NFT, the holder gains all rights to the specific artwork depicted in the given NFT. This includes the artwork in the original online copy as well as any future reproductions made by the Team - such reproductions will only be made at the request of and/or with the permission of holders.
Because it wasn't in mint condition.
A total of 7,777 NFTs can be minted.
NFTs will be revealed once the collection is fully minted or after 72 hours of minting going live, whichever happens first. NFTs can be primarily traded on Opensea.
The contract is designed to incur the least possible gas fees, whether it be when minting or trading.


Our leader and chief community officer. The vision behind was born out of Eureka's love for fashion and interest in the bounties of web3.


Engineer extraodinaire, with a love for haute couture - or whatever can be afforded. Doze's exposure to blockchain technology dates back to its very beginning. The tech powering could not be in safer hands.